A Guide-way System can create millions of JOBS averaging $25.00 hr. in America, and provide a new way to travel cross-country by automobile! 


** BREAKING NEWS!! $9 Trillion in Critical Technology Elements (made in the USA!) and the Congressional Briefing plans for 10 Million JOBS is in motion! [WEB version] or [DOWNLOAD IT IN MSWORD!]**

Contact your Governor, Senator or Congressperson today!
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** U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has committed to supporting Non-Motorized Vehicles (NMV's) in America! NMV's can create over 10 Million GOOD PAYING JOBS in America. The Guide-way System is a Renewable Energy Station in disguise. **

** Low Level Flight over Guide-way Systems (LLFoGS) is feasible using today's technology. LLFoGS requires less computing and sophistication than an Airplane, but more than a Glider Craft. LLFoGS makes it possible for "Flying Cars" to be affordable to the general public and does not require the skills of an airplane pilot. More information will be available on the production of LLFoGS!


The Burlington County Dual Mode website is being updated!