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Dual-Mode Energy Infrastructure Briefing

Rebuilding the American Economy based on the DLF GLOBAL Energy Infrastructure Business Plan and
 initiatives from the
President of the United States (ver. 9.24 on 07/2011)


A. Fund 100,000 Service Shops across the USA- [131], [134]

1. Certification Plan for Service Shops looking to develop or build Dual-Mode Vehicles. [132]

a.) A Federal Mandate to give small Service Shops a stronger market position. [115], [130]

b.) Expansion capital to hire employees, expand the business and purchase equipment.

c.) Community based Vocational and Technical Training Programs on Dual-Mode. [114]

d.) Pursue New Market Tax Credits for Urban Enterprise Zones. [101]

e.) Employ NASA Engineers for Guide-way System expertise. [102]

2. Automotive Industry should be MANDATED to build Dual-Mode Vehicles in exchange for federal bailouts.

a.) Standardize components for use on a Guideway System.

b.) Institute a Consortium to oversee global Guideway Vehicle Developments. [133]

c.) Appoint a "Dual-Mode Czar" as the official expert on Dual-Mode Systems.

3. Train existing Mechanics and Engineers on Dual-Mode Systems.

a.) State Licensing for Dual-Mode Vehicles using a Guideway System.

b.) State Inspections for use of Dual-Mode Vehicles on a Guideway System.

c.) Federal and State Certification of Non-Motorized Vehicles for use on a Guideway System.

d.) NMV’s can provide guaranteed rides to JOB locations.

4. Prepare the existing Guideway Manufacturing Partners located in Texas and Alabama.

a.) Equip the existing Fabrication facilities with specs on the Guideway structure.

b.) Employ additional Erector Fabrication Companies as needed.

5. Finalize deal negotiations for [Philadelphia Pa.], [Camden N.J.] and [Willingboro HQ for {proposed Burlington City N.J.}] Dual-Mode Station Locations. All other pending locations are not listed.

a.) Provide proposals to Local Officials representing these locations. [103]

b.) Plan site surveys for the best possible locations. [104]

c.) Present marketing plans for the community.

d.) Current Urban Areas with proposals-

Willingboro, Burlington City (Island only), Camden, Mt. Holly, Atlantic City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

B. 10 Million JOBS within 10 years or less-

1. Institute a curriculum on Dual-Mode Technologies for High Schools and Colleges.

a.) Define JOB Demographics based on available Service Shops.

b.) Locate Professors knowledgeable on Mag-Lev and Guideway Systems.

c.) Solicit Universities to teach Dual-Mode Systems. [114]

d.) Forecast JOB Placement criteria.

2. Retrain dislocated workers on Dual-Mode Technology and Systems. [107]

a.) Assess skills of existing Employees for testing criteria. [105]

b.) Institute curriculum in JOB CORPS Training Programs.

3. Assemble another Conference on Dual-Mode Transportation in Washington D.C.,.

a.) A "Call for Technologies" Conference will bring forth new innovations.

b.) A Call for Papers on Dual-Mode Transportation.

c.) Review the Exploratory Analysis for various Automated Technology Innovations. [106]

d.) Implement a Request for Quote for marketing Dual-Mode Technology internationally.

C. International Investment Plan-

1. Implementing the Dual-Mode Plan with little or no Federal or State Funding. [108]

a.) Market the existing Dual-Mode Facility locations as a technology landmark. [116]

b.) Have the President or a Top Official do PSA’s on Dual-Mode Transportation.

c.) Pursue Government Intellectual Property (Energy Top Innovator Challenge). [109]

d.) Countries can re-invest in American Technology! (if its Made In America!) [110]

2. Public / Private Partnership Initiatives.

a.) Solicit Transportation Bonds for building the Guideway System.

b.) Solicit Institutional Investors for investment in Dual-Mode Systems.

3. Federal or State Oversight Committee and Due Diligence Plans.

a.) Manage the Investment Portfolio. [111]

b.) Solicit for Guideway Investments and Partnerships. [116]

4. $1.4 Trillion invested into the USA for building the Guideway System (ways to pay down the deficit in approximately 4 years).

a.) Bonds offer long-term stability for Investors. [112]

b.) America wastes over $1.0 Trillion Dollars with its current transportation system ANNUALLY! [113]

5. Guide-way System Cost Factors. (There is no logical excuse to deny implementation of a Guide-way System)

a.) basic Guide-way System Platform costs about $1 million per mile (as of 07/28/2011) [123]

b.) additional Hardware and Software can cost up to $5 million per mile, depending on features.

c.) Guide-way System provides 24 TIMES the capacity of the current U.S Highway System (that wastes over $1.0 TRILLION Dollars ANNUALLY! [113]

D. The Guideway System- [135]

1. A Revolutionary Renewable Power System-

a.) Remote Back-Up Power for Home or Business.

b.) Abundant renewable sources for transportation usage.

c.) A single NMV can energize 10 miles of Guide-way System.

2. A Revolutionary Transportation System- [117]

a.) "Unlimited Guideway Capacity" meaning 1 Guideway lane replaces 12 freeway lanes!

b.) Reduced urban congestion in cities. [118]

c.) a single NMV can push up to 20 Sea Box Containers (during a power failure).

3. A Revolutionary Computer System- [119]

a.) Computers play a new role in Vehicle Propulsion and Automation.

b.) Computing braces for unveiled advancements in Guideway Flight Engineering.

c.) pursue research on Low Level Flight over Guide-way Systems (LLFoGS). [120]

4. A Revolutionary "Mobile" Warehouse System-

a.) Small Businesses can now compete with "Big Box" facilities.

b.) Orders can arrive within 1 hour of order placement.

5. A Revolutionary "Virtual Factory" System-

a.) Local Fabrication can build Dual-Mode Vehicles in real time! [119]

E. The Non-Motorized Vehicle-

a.) PROFITABLE non-subsidized 24 hour Mass Transit is feasible for Urban, Suburban and Rural areas.

b.) NMV’s consume minimal energy vs. fossil fuel vehicles. [118], [121]

c.) Can expand Mobile Military forces. [122]

d.) All other factors are CLASSIFIED.

F. State of Texas House Bill 3588

1. The Trans-Texas Corridor Feasibility Study provided open ROW for a feasible Dual-Mode Project (Dept. of Defense CTE Level 7).

a.) States need to follow the TEXAS Right of Way plans for Dual-Mode Vehicle implementation.

G. New Jersey Regulatory Support-

1. The Low Speed Bill- (Congressman John Adler and Assemblyman John Wisniewski).

2. The Personal Rapid Transit Study- (Senators Paul Sarlo and Joseph V. Doria Jr. and Assemblyman John Wisniewski). [129]

3. The Containerized Freight Study- (signed by acting Governor Richard J. Codey). [123]

4. Turnpike Toll Assessment- (N.J. Dept. of Transportation).

5. Non-Motorized Vehicle Regulation- (currently recognized by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation on 03/15/2010). [124], [125]

H. Marketing Awareness-

1. Market Dual-Mode to Countries based on their economic capability and capacity- ( ie. Velomobiles for India vs. Guideway Cars for European markets). [116]

2. Market within the USA to promote an immediate Economic Solution. [126]

3. A Three in One Solution (Energy, Transportation, Computing) to merge Industries into the 21st Century using Information Technology as the driving factor. [127]

a.) Inform the public that a potential solution is here, to minimize the economic downturn.

I. Other States and their achievements-

1. New York- (Ithaca PODCAR Conference)

2. California- (San Jose Advanced Transportation RFQ)

3. Washington- (WSU Innovative Transportation Technology Website)

4. Nebraska- (Call for Papers on Dual-Mode Transportation)

5 Wisconsin- (Call for Papers on Dual-Mode Transportation)

6. Texas- (TxDOT HB 3588 and Texas A&M University TTI Division)

7. Maryland- (Washington D.C. hearing on Dual-Mode 1974 & 2006)

8. Virginia- (VDOT Call for PRT 2008)

9. Tennessee- (Low Speed Vehicle Initiatives)

10. Minnesota- (Minneapolis Skyweb Express PRT R&D)

11. Colorado- (Smart Skyways I-70 Corridor Study)

12. W. Virginia- (Morgantown Group Rapid Transit System) [128]

13. New Jersey- (Tube Express Systems)

14. Florida- (Disney World Monorail and Cars)

J. International achievements for Advanced Transportation-

1. Denmark- (RUF Transportation Feasibility Study).

2. Japan- (J.R. Hokkaido Railway Japanese Dual-Mode Bus on Rails).

3. Korea- (PREA Inductive Roadway System website).

4. Germany- (ABP Induction Systems GmbH innovation challenge).

5. Finland- PRT Study

K. DLF GLOBAL needs [to do list]-

1. Raise additional Energy Source Provider Partners under an advanced charter.

2. Market the Service Shop Certification process to raise capital.

3. Market existing Dual-Mode Locations and create a Dual-Mode Ad Campaign.

L. DLF GLOBAL core business strategy- (updated 07/28/2011)

a.) 3 Non-Motorized Vehicles ( www.sky-wheels.com )

b.) 100’ Guide-way System demonstration project ( www.gasfreenj.com )

c.) "Proper Physics" formula

d.) DLF GLOBAL Master Plan

e.) 5 existing Service Shops (Burlington City and Camden NJ)

M. The Bottom Line-

A verifiable National Stimulus Plan has already been drafted for the creation of jobs to rebuild the American Economy.

Americans have NO EXCUSE.

Marketing the Dual-Mode Campaign

Option A-

Total- $500,000

$30,000 to build several viable Dual-Mode Vehicles

$70,000 to assemble a portable erectable Guideway Track (1000 ft. and able to fit on 4 40’ flatbeds)

$400,000 to market the Dual-Mode Station Plan to Service Shops, the US Government and Countries

Option B-

Total- $200,000

$30,000 to build several viable Dual-Mode Vehicles

$70,000 to assemble a portable erectable Guideway Track (1000 ft. and able to fit on 4 40’ flatbeds)

$100,000 to market the public via the Internet

SUCCESSFULLY ACHIEVED!! (from 01/01/2010 to 07/28/2011!!)

Option C-

Total- $30,000

$10,000 to build a roadworthy Non-Motorized Dual-Mode Vehicle

$15,000 for 100’ Portable Erectable Guide-way Track section w/ 2 demo NMV’s & operational hardware

$5,000 to demonstrate in several locations to attract media and press coverage

Option D-

Total- $20,000

$10,000 to build a Dual-Mode Vehicle

$10,000 for a 40’ Guideway Track section / operational hardware


This briefing was drafted from the original DLF Group Inc. ESP License Owner’s Business Plan for "Developing a Web-Based Electric Utility Infrastructure" written in December 1998. This Business Plan was updated on December 10th 2006 (version 8.95) with an interactive CD-ROM and will be further updated by December 2009 on DVD format.

The growing worldwide demand for an Advanced Transportation System has made this briefing critical to the survival of the United States Government and U.S. Corporations looking for new market potential and a viable Economic Stimulus Plan.




Copyright© 2009 by New Venture Assoc. for DLF GLOBAL


A brief snapshot of President Barack Obama’s initiatives for ensuring that America has a sustainable energy future


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Copyright © 2009 by DLF GLOBAL

Insert taken from the DLF GLOBAL Business Plan copyright© 1999-2011

This document was prepared by experts in the field of Dual-Mode, who have diverse knowledge of alternative transportation systems being studied globally. This forecast is based on information presented by Universities, Governments and Transportation Administrations.

Copyright 2009© by New Venture Associates II for DLF GLOBAL